Don't cry for me Sudan by Jeonghwa Yun

About this documentary

The story of Padre Jolly of the Don Bosco mission in Tonj, South Sudan has touched the lives of many people. The story of his extraordinary life can be seen in the video below within this story.

After becoming a medical doctor, Padre Jolly went on to become a Roman Catholic priest, and then one day traveled to one the poorest places on earth to be with, and to help, the people of South Sudan in a town called Tonj.

Padre Jolly learnt the local Dinka language, and with his background as a medical doctor, help those who were suffering from leprosy and hundreds of other patients. He had a born talent for music, which he used to help the youth of Tonj.

Padre Jolly, the Korean Salesian, past away at the age of 47 (Korean Age, 48). His Korean birth name was Tae-Seok Lee (a.k.a. Father John Lee). The story of his life, and the kindness, that he had taken to Tonj continues to inspire those who are wishing to follow in his footsteps.