Calming the Emotional Storm by Dr. Gregory Popcak

About this talk…

In this practical but spiritual presentation, Dr. Gregory Popcak discusses four keys to develop self-awareness and self-mastery. He reveals that emotions are a gift from God and that they can help you grow in virtue. Learn how to master your feelings and calm your emotional storms so that you can experience the peace of Christ.


I just finished listening to this during a very cold walk and it was really appropriate for me at this time in my life. It had practical tools that are easy to understand and simple steps to follow in order to “calm the emotional storm”. The presentation listed the steps in which I should approach my feelings and I found it was very solution oriented for me. This presentation helped make me more aware of my thoughts and feelings and how to bring them to God. I also liked the approach of determining if my thoughts were a consolation or a desolation.

Heather T.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary


I really like how he talks about awareness of your feelings is key to changing them,,Also how he stresses asking questions of yourself and writing them down..sort of talking your way thru a situation.. Putting a problem into the "light" takes away much of the darkness it holds.. I like the spiritual aspect of the talk..good verses evil, because I know satan can reek havoc if you are not aware that he is there.

Marie T.

Sacred Heart Church, Prescott, AZ

Recommended by Marisa March