It’s Simple.

Here's what you should know about having a Mass said for a living or deceased family member or friend.

1). Offer A Small Donation

It is customary to give an offering when requesting a Mass for an intention. We ask for a $10 donation for every Mass offering which is given to the celebrant and any additional donation is given to St. AJs.

 2.) A Mass can be offered for a person who is still living.

Masses are offered as well for those who are still alive. (For example, on your anniversary, on your child’s baptismal day, or a loved one’s birthday).

3.) It's simple.

Simply pick an available date on the calendar at least one week before the Mass, fill out the form, drop your donation and you’re all set!

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Check This Calendar For Availability

If there is nothing currently scheduled for your preferred date, then that means it is available. We ask you to schedule your Mass offering at least one week in advance. Any questions please email us at


Mass Schedule:


9am | 11:30am | 5:30pm | 9pm



6:30pm (Wednesday)

5:30pm (Thursday)