Who We Are

We are a group of parishioners joined by the common experience of belonging to the Parish of Saint Agatha and Saint James. For us the Parish is not just a “church where we attend mass” but rather a community that feels like family. We want to invite more people to become part of our Parish community and make this family grow around Christ under the protection of Mary.

Our Vision

As members of the oldest Parish in West Philly located in the heart of a fast growing University Campus we embrace the challenge of building true community centered in Jesus Christ and we express our feelings and convictions through the Hospitality towards those who want to join us.

Our Mission

We look forward to serve our brothers and sisters following the example of Jesus. Our service is to make everyone feel welcome in our community and nobody feel left out. We work inspired by the Gospel building bridges and bonds of faith and charity setting a Parish environment where each one can learn to see his neighbor with the eyes of God.

2018 Calendar

Coffee and doughnuts every Sunday after the 9am Mass, the free luncheon following the 11:30am Mass, and chips & salsa after the 5:30pm Mass. Penn students host the occasional social after the 9pm Mass.


Feast of St. Agatha’s Brunch



Easter Reception (after vigil mass) & Parish Easter Luncheon (Divine Mercy Sunday)


Corpus Christi Picnic




Feast of St. James



Marian Procession Luncheon



Christmas Potluck & Immaculate Conception Feast Day



Check out our volunteer options below, and sign up using this form! Questions? Email Leo at lnegrini@saintsaj.org.

1) Pick up doughnuts


2) Be a Host for the 9am Mass


3) Be a Host for the 5:30pm Mass


4) Join the Luncheon Team


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