Welcome to the Audioguide of St. James - St. Agatha Parish! This guided tour of the church will guide you through the history, architecture, and wisdom of this sacred place. 

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The audioguide is divided into 6 acts, each 5-8 minutes long. You can stop the audioguide and resume at any time. If you are visiting with a mobile device, click "Listen in Browser" in the player below. For those visiting virtually from a computer, click the orange play button at the top left to begin. This video offers a helpful view of the church interior. 

A media gallery for each act is available beneath the player. They are optimized for mobile viewing, but are available on desktop as well. 


Act 1 Media Gallery


Act 2 Media Gallery


Act 3 Media Gallery


Act 4 Media Gallery


Act 5 Media Gallery


Act 6 Media Gallery

This audioguide was developed by Radioheart Media. Many members of St. James - St. Agatha Parish contributed to its production. See full production credits here