Study Resources – Empower Yourself!


A good Bible is essential for getting to know Jesus better!  The most commonly used Catholic Bibles in the US are the New American Bible (NAB), and Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE).  The New Jerusalem Bible is also a good choice, commonly used in Europe.  You can try out the different versions online at BibleGateway. Whichever version you chose, make sure that: 

  • It is written in a language style you can easily understand.
  • It is a Catholic edition.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) summarises all of the essential beliefs that Catholics hold.  It is essential reading, we will often reference it in the Catholicism 101 classes. You can get a very cheap copy of the book  from our Newman Center, or read it online at the Vatican Website.  

Movies and Talks online

FORMED is an excellent resource from the Augustine Institute - it has many Catholic movies, documentaries, audio books etc.  (The closest thing we have to Catholic Netflix). We have a parish subscription so you can use Parish Code "73dfe” to have free access.

Catholic Encyclopaedia

the New Advent Website hosts the original Catholic Encyclopaedia, as well as many writings from the Early Church Fathers, Letters and writings of the Popes (including the current Pope) as well as the Summa Theologia of St. Thomas Aquinas